The AV Matrix SC1521 is an upwards converter which allows for the conversion of DVI-I to SDI digital signals, whilst at the same time embedding the analog audio into the digitally converted signal.

It supports up and downscaling, frame rate conversion, and the specific output format can be controlled by rotary switch.

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Analog Audio Input
Connector 3.5mm Earphone Socket
Digital Sampling 48K
Impedance 16 Ohm
Input Signal Analog Stereo Audio
DVI Input
Connector (DVI) DVI-I
Input Signal (DVI) Standard DVI Signal
SDI Output
Bit Rate 270Mbps ~ 2.97Gbps
Connector (SDI) BNC Comply IEC 169-8 standards
Impedance (SDI) 100 Ohm
Output Format 1080p @60Hz, 50Hz, 30Hz, 25Hz, 24Hz/ 1080i @ 60Hz, 50Hz/ 720p @ 60Hz, 50Hz, 30Hz, 25Hz/ 576i @ 50Hz/ 480i @ 50Hz
Signal Amplitude (SDI) 800mV +- 10% (75 ohm)
Common Parameters
Dimension 112 x 120 x 30mm
Operating Voltage DC 5-12V
Power <2W
Storage Humidity (%RH) 0% to 90% RH
Storage Temperature (°c) -20°c to 75°c
Working Temperature (°c) 0°c to 50°c

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